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The International Conference on Sarcopenia Research 2011 will be hosted in Toulouse, France, June 8 & 9, under the auspices of the IAGG' Global Research Network on Aging.

The conference will focuse on: new therapeutic trials, biomarkers, imaging, drug development, physical exercise, nutrition intervention, biological aspects, animal models, epidemiological studies....
International speakers: J. Morley (USA), M. Pahor (USA), R. Fielding (USA), B. Vellas (France), M. Cesari (Italy), B. Goodpaster (USA), B. Evans (USA), Y Rolland (France); D. Laurent (Switzerland), S. Cummings (USA), etc…. 

to submit your Oral Communications and Posters abstract is May 1st, 2011

For more information, please go to

Abstract will be published in the Journ Nutr Health Aging, Springer publisher


Skeletal Muscle, new journal on muscle research is launched

On January 24th, 2011, a new journal, Skeletal Muscle has been launched with two papers by members from the MYOAGE project.


Skeletal Muscle is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal that publishes articles investigating molecular mechanisms underlying the biology of skeletal muscle. A wide range of skeletal muscle biology is included: development, metabolism, the regulation of mass and function, aging, degeneration, dystrophy and regeneration. The emphasis is on understanding adult skeletal muscle, its maintenance, and its interactions with non-muscle cell types and regulatory modulators. 

A MYOAGE member makes the cover of Aging Cell, October 2010

 Lars Larsson, from University of Uppsala and collaborators have made the cover page of Aging Cell volume 9 issue 5, with their publication: Effects of aging and gender on the spatial organization of nuclei in single human skeletal muscle cells.

Click on the cover to know more about this publication.


MYOAGE at the IARU Congress on "Ageing, Longevity and Health", 5-7 October 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

The International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) held a congress entitled "Ageing, Longevity and Health", reflecting the growing concern over demographic changes towards ageing nations across the world.  MYOAGE was well represented with 3 partners speaking at the congress.  The first 2 days were generally focused on DNA damage and the relative roles of genetic and environmental factors in determining life span and health.  In the first session dedicated to "Muscle and Lifespan", Professor Stefano Schiaffino (Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine, Padova, Italy) in his presentation, "Ageing of the Neuromuscular System," introduced to the congress the importance of skeletal muscle in ageing.  Professor Rudi Westendorp (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands) gave a presentation on "Regulation of Human Life Histories" in the session on Life Span and Mechanisms, and on the last day Professor Michael Kjaer (Institute of Sports Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark) provided an overview of age-associated changes of skeletal muscle and matrix, completing the MYOAGE contribution to this congress.


Skeletal Muscle online journal dedicated to muscle research:  
MYOAGE 3rd Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of MYOAGE Network was held in Jyväskylä, Finland, from October 18th to 19th 2011.
MYOAGE Workshop. The last MYOAGE workshop was organised in Copenhagen, Denmark from August 30th to
31st, 2012.
MYOAGE was invited to give a special muscle ageing session at the European Muscle Conference meeting held in Rhodes from September 1st to 5th 2012.